CHPSPO Meeting Tuesday May19

CHPSPO will meet on Tuesday, May 19, at 6:30 p.m. at Miner Elementary (601 15th Street, NE) in their library. We will have representatives from the DC Fiscal Policy Institute discuss the attached letter supporting a sales tax increase. They are asking if CHPSPO would be willing to sign on to the letter. According to our by-laws, we will need 50% of our member schools supporting the letter in order for CHPSPO to sign.

We will also have Claudia Lujan from the Deputy Mayor for Education’s office at our meeting discussing the plans for the cross-sector task force.

Because we learned late last week that the Council did not vote to add funds for the modernization of Jefferson or Eliot-Hine to the Capital Improvement Plan, we will be discussing next steps in advocating for facility improvements for our middle schools. Finally, we will be discussing plans for a Ward 6 Community Forum on language immersion programs.

Hope to see you on Tuesday.

Suzanne Wells

51915 CHPSPO Agenda.docx



Committee on Education DRAFT Report and Recommendations on the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget for Agencies under Its Purview

DRAFT Committee on Education FY16 Budget Report [PDF] as released May 13, 2015

> Facility Analysis Table [PDF] based on Councilmember Grosso’s proposed factors and measures for prioritizing projects in the FY2016-2021 Capital Improvement Plan

> Recommendations and amendments to be voted on in Committee on Education Budget Markup, May 14, 2015



Hope everyone has been enjoying their Spring break!

The CHPSPO April meeting will be held on WEDNESDAY, April 22, at School-Within-School (920 F Street, NE). The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m., and we’ll meet in the library.

Scott Pearson and Josh Henderson from the Public Charter School Board will attend our meeting to discuss the PCSB’s process for approving new charter schools.

We’ll also be discussing efforts to support the modernization of Jefferson and Eliot-Hine, along with planning for a meeting with the Deputy Mayor for Education, and Bike-to-School Day.

Hope to see you on Wednesday.

Suzanne Wells

042215 CHPSPO Agenda.docx


Letter to the Editor by CHPSPO founder, Suzanne Wells: Put controls in place regarding the approval of new D.C. public charters

The following letter to the editor, Put controls in place regarding the approval of new D.C. public charters, appeared online in the Washington Post on March 27, 2015.

In the March 22 Local Opinions commentary “Why charters need traditional schools,” the executive director and the former chairman of the D.C. Public Charter School Board claimed, “We believe that the balance we have, with a thriving public charter sector and strong traditional schools, is about right.” It is unclear what they believe should happen now that “the balance . . . is about right.”

It seems clear that the charter board won’t stop approving new schools. It has approved an average of six a year. The District has 112 public charter schools, and three will open this fall. One, Washington Global Middle School, will open about a third of a mile from Jefferson Middle School and offer a substantially similar program. In May, the board will vote on whether to open six more schools in 2016. The balance won’t be “about right” for long.

Parents and public education supporters have been advocating for joint planning by D.C. Public Schools and the D.C. Public Charter School Board before charter schools are opened. Many believe we are spreading our education dollars too thin by opening charter schools that duplicate the services found in existing schools.

It is up to the D.C. Council and the mayor to require comprehensive planning before District taxpayers are asked to fund the opening of public charter schools.

— Suzanne Wells, Washington

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