CHPSPO Meeting Notes – August 12, 2014

Capitol Hill Montessori@Logan, August 12, 2014

Discussion on holding a Ward 6 School Board Forum

  • Decided to hold a Ward 6 School Board Candidates Forum
  • Petitions submitted by Tom Brennan, Mark Nayden, and Joe Weedon
  • Suggested that we identify potential partners to cosponsor the forum: (VanNess parents group, NLPNA, Capitol Hill Group Ministry, Hill Rag, SESW CBCC, etc)
  • Suggested we hold the forum at (Eastern)
  • Discussed possible moderators
  • Timing (2nd-3rd week October) October 7, 14 or 16

Mayoral Candidates Forum – CHPSPO will join education and community groups across the city to sponsor this event

Discussion on holding a Ward 6 Education Summit:

  • Identify what people feel is lacking in the schools, identify how to fill those needs, and re-articulate the Ward’s commitment to schools
  • Discussed that parents have been asked multiple times what they want. People want to see action rather than another “ask” session.
  • Discussed the effort being undertaken by Companies for Causes, and the All Roads Lead to Eastern effort.
  • Discussed the importance of involving teachers more in open houses.
  • Will do a little more thinking around how CHPSPO can support the Ward 6 schools in planning for vertical integration among the feeder schools, and marketing of the schools through their websites, etc.
  • Michael Moss, Walker Jones principal, discussed “backwards education mapping” effort that Wilson High School undertook a number of years ago that brought together the Wilson feeder schools to discuss vertical integration among the schools and ensuring that elementary school students are prepared for middle school, and middle school students are prepared for high school.

Walk-to-School Day Planning – Wednesday, October 8

Next CHPSPO Meeting: September 16, 2014

Upcoming Events

August 23 Beautification Day
August 25 First Day of School
September Student Assignment & School Boundary Plan to be released
October 8 Walk-to-School Day
November 4 General Election


CHPSPO Meeting Notes – May 20, 2014

Capitol Hill Montessori@Logan215 G Street. NE

May 20, 2014 – 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.


1.  DC Board of Education Ombudsman

-          Monica Warren-Jones, the Ward 6 State Board of Education member introduced Joyanna Smith, the new DC Board of Education Ombudsman who began her position on February 26, 2014.

-           Joyanna explained that she helps to resolve complaints, disputes and problems faced by students, parents and educators in the DC public schools and the public charter schools.  If systemic issues exist, the Ombudsman will look to make recommendations to fix problems.

-          The Ombudsman will develop a management report after the end of the school year.


2.  DCPS Student Assessment Task Force

-          DCPS has formed an Assessment Task Force to evaluate student assessments.  Representatives from DCPS conducted a focus group to hear parent’s views on the purpose, importance and expectations of student assessments.  CHPSPO members said:

o   They want timely feedback on test results.

o   Want access to all the testing data that is available for their children.

o   A plan of action to address student’s needs.

o   Report cards tend to just show typical progress, e.g., going from developing to mastered.  Would like to see more substance.

o   Tests can be very stressful for some students, e.g., throwing up on test day.

o   We need a healthier approach to testing.  Some students have been told their teacher’s job depends on how well they do.  Some parents talked about how they tell their children not to worry about the test, but to try to do their best.

o   Tests drive instruction too much.

o   Tests are starting to affect how students learn/don’t learn, e.g., students aren’t learning how to write multi-paragraph essays.

-          DCPS is moving to the PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers next school year to better align with the common core standards.  See


3.  Update on Homeless Children Attending Capitol Hill Schools

-          Roni Hollman reported that 1400 homeless children attend DC public schools.  There is a desperate need for school uniforms.

o   A Facebook site was created (!/ClothetheKidsCapHillUniformDrive)

o   An Amazon wish list has been set up (

-          Help is needed to pick up uniforms that have been delivered to Evolve Management, and take them to the Playtime Project at the shelter at DC General.

-          CHPSPO will send a short message that can be posted on the school list serves describing what can be done to help.


4.  Student Assignment and School Boundaries Advisory Committee

 -          Marty Welles gave a brief update on the status of the effort to adjust the school boundaries and feeder patterns.


5.  Chancellor’s Parent Cabinet

- Gary Carleton and Marty Welles shared an update on the Chancellor’s Parent Cabinet.  The Parent Cabinet meets monthly.  They recently discussed parent engagement.  Topics are identified for each month.

- To learn more about the Parent’s Cabinet see


Next CHPSPO meeting:  June 17, 2014

CHPSPO Meeting Notes – November 20, 2012

Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization
Maury Elementary School Library – 1250 Constitution Ave., NE
November 20, 2012, 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.


1) DCPS School Closing Announcement (Cathy Reilly, SHAPPE, and Daniel del Pielago (Empower DC)


    • Dec 5 – Wards 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 Community Discussion on DCPS Proposed Consolidation and Reorganization, 6 – 8 p.m @ Brightwood Education Campus (1300 Nicholson St, NW)
    • What does this mean to us (Ward 6 families) in the future?
    • Engage DCPS online – post ideas on how to save money here.


    • Need to formulate collective vision of how to fix the schools
    • When Hine and Eliot merged 5 years ago, combined population was +600, now Hine is ~300 total. Consolidation has proven to show decreased enrollment.
    • No plan in place to enrich combined campuses programmatically.
    • Valuable to attend a neighborhood school. Publicly funded, but privately run schools don’t fit into a neighborhood system.
    • Teachers union not a strong voice; engage other unions?
    • What impact has Basis had on the DCPS middle schools? (Latin, Two Rivers)
    • Review data à
    • 40% of families affected in this closing were affected in 2008 closing
    • A lot of other places DCPS could save $ in lieu of closing schools – Teacher bonus, IMPACT evaluation, vendor relations (food services)
    • What does an all charter system look like?
    • Two pronged approach: Retention of families + Market to new families

2) Class of 20xx (Drew Golin, Maury parent)


    • Recruit captains/teams at each school by grade (public, private, charter – raising a community)


    • Captains/Teams at each school by grade (public, private, charter – raising a community)
    • Own listservs for the class
    • Meetings
    • Start getting involved in the HS – raise funds for music program, donate to bake sales, attend events
    • ‘experts’ to think about
    • Hill Rag letter
    • 3rd grade playgroup: 1/3 of parents whose children had been to multiple schools.
    • Summer concert series with Eastern HS band.
    • Attend Eastern HS games,dc)/basketball/schedule.htm

3) Title IX and sports for girls in DC (Valarie Hogan, National Women’s Law Center fellow)


    • Circulate link to flyer and survey – engage MS and High Schools, coaches, parents, teachers – elem are covered but small.
    • Meeting Dec 3, 6:30PM to give more info, discuss next steps @ Crolin Morrings, 1101 Pennsylvania Ave., NW


    • Center has been in talks w/ DCPS for years and possibly ready to file a complaint. Another complaint has been filed – focus is on opportunities, not on spending.
    • Charters have not been tracked, in process of understand DC’s responsibility around charters and equity vis a vis sports

4) Learn about IB Middle Years @ Atlas and Living Room Chats update


    •  Next IB education night – Jan 22 at Westminster Presbyterian in SW , 6PM
    • Stuart Hobson has first Tuesday visits
    • Dec 2 Moth school information night 2-5PM.  CHPSPO will attend.

5) DCPS Library Task Force update

    • Continues to meet: recommendations out by mid-December, a lot of support for staffing librarians at all schools, collection development
    • Where are books going w/ all closures? (Almost of all schools being closed don’t have librarians)…

Next CHPSPO Meeting:  December 18, 2012

Upcoming Events:

  • December 2:  Girls on the Run 5K – 2PM @ Anacostia Park. Cheer on Capitol Hill Montessori at Logan, J.O. Wilson, Ludlow-Taylor, Maury, and Tyler or register to run in the 5K
  • December 2:  Hill School Information Night- 2-5PM @ Capitol Hill Day School
  • December 3:  Title IX Sports for Girls Next Steps – 6:30PM @ Crolin Morrings, 1101 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
  • December 5:  Wards 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 Community Discussion on DCPS Proposed Consolidation and Reorganization, 6 – 8 p.m.
  • January 22:  Next IB education night – at Westminster Presbyterian in SW , 6PM

CHPSPO Meeting Notes – October 17, 2012

Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization (CHPSPO)

Amidon-Bowen ES, Library – 401 I St., SW

Oct 16, 2012, 6:30-8PM


1) Pace Car Program – Dan Hoagland, WABA (did not attend). More here.

Decision: should be disseminated to principals/schools and driven by schools/neighborhoods.

Next Steps: Suzanne will ask Jennifer Heffernan to get list of schools in the Safe Routes to School program & find coordinators.  We’ll work through the coordinators to promote the Pace Car program.


2) White Paper – Suzanne Wells/All


  • There may not be critical mass at individual schools to offer programs, e.g., a debate club, but hosting at a library and attracting students from multiple schools is a possibility.
  • This is the conversation that principals NEED to have.
  • Music as unifying force, especially with DC Youth Orchestra Program at Eastern HS.
  • Running programs from multiple schools might  compete at nats stadium or have a field day on track at Eastern HS
  • Frame as not asking DCPS to take lead, but to guide principals to see this as an opportunity.
  • Attachment to white paper w/ statistics to better understand individual school offerings … ex: all elementary schools provide track… why does this not roll up to MS or HS level?
  • How do we remove competition? How to we work together to ensure all children in all schools are at reading level? How do we share resources?
  • My kid is going to be going to school w/ that kid in MS, so I need to help…

Next Steps:


3) Class of 20XX

Discussion:  Idea is to get students thinking from an early age that they are the high school graduation class of 20XX, and that the Eastern feeder pattern expects there to be a 100% graduation rate.  Bigger goal is to help support any student not on track to graduate, and identify students early on so they have greatest chance of graduating from high school.  Look for sponsors to support initiative. Tshirts, reunions, pre-unions, Ward 6 scavenger hunt.

Next Steps: Reach out to Drew Golin(Maury) for a framework/details.

4) DCPS Library Funding Follow Up

  • DCPS has only agreed to one recommendation  by establishing task force
  • Protest/rally on Friday, October 19 at the Wilson Building – 8:45 AM – 2:00 PM

5) Learn about IB Middle Years Programme (Joe Weedon)

  • October 23, 6PM at Atlas Performing Arts Center, including principals from Eliot-Hine, Jefferson and Eastern. More here.
  • Need volunteers to set up and help sign participants in – contact Joe Weedon (


6) Eliot-Hine Living Room Chats – Suzanne Wells

- Looking for 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th grade parents to participate, co-host. Contact Suzanne (

- NOTE: Eliot-Hine set to get bicycle racks!


Next CHPSPO Meeting: November 20, 2012

Upcoming events:

  • Oct 19:  Support School Libraries Rally/Protest, 8:45 AM-2 PM @ Wilson Building. More here.
  • Oct 21: Brent’s Ward 6 Fall Safety Festival, 11 AM- 4 PM (all donations to support the Meslin Family). More here.
  • Oct 23: Learn about International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, 6PM @ Atlas Performing Arts Center. More here.
  • Oct 27: Tyler Fall Harvest. 11 AM- 3 PM. More here.
  • Oct 27: Maury Fall Festival. More here.
  • Oct 27: Capitol Hill Montessori @ Logan Haunted Harvest, 6-9PM. More here.
  • Nov 8: Cluster Family Game Night & Wine Raffle. More here.
  • Nov 10: Amidon-Bowen Fun Day.  11 AM-2PM


CHPSPO Meeting Notes – August 21, 2012

Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization
215 G Street, NE, August 21, 6:30 – 8 pm
Special thanks to George Blackmon for capturing this month’s meeting notes!
Peter MacPherson updated on efforts on the library front.  A meeting was held with Kaya Henderson and a task force is to be put together and come up with findings by the close of 2012.
Bonnie Cain shared some insight regarding the Options School expansion on 15th Street.  There was general concern in terms of safety of the students/neighborhood.  Informed that students will be bused.
Sherry Trafford discussed items from the bylaws.  Optimally, a voting representative from each school should be designated by September 1st.  Additionally, we are striving to elect officers by the October meeting.
A reminder regarding Beautification Day was given.
Another item I brought up but wanted to remind many of you on was International Walk To School Day.  The date is Wednesday, October 3rd at Lincoln Park.  An initial email was sent out in July.  Now the families are back from vacation and school is in session, it would be a great time to let your school populations know.  Please pass the word through your listservs, websites, back-to-school nights, etc.  I’ve been tasked again to help coordinate volunteers and assist with planning.
As you know from the summer, five weeks can fly by real quick.  Feel free to contact me if there are any questions at  
Thanks for your time and welcome back to a great school year.

CHPSPO Meeting Notes – July 17, 2012

Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization

Maury Elementary, 1250 Constitution Ave., NE, Library

July 17, 2012 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.


1. DCPS Library Funding Follow up, Suzanne Wells

  • June 15, July 4, and July 11 Bake Sales were successful in generating awareness (media, Washington DC Teacher’s Union, DC Council, general public)
  • CHPSPO and ‘in ward parents’ have had a presence at all ‘State of the Schools meetings (all Wards) and have raised the libraries issue in all meetings.
  • CHPSPO requested meeting to present check to Kaya Henderson of $ raised by bake sales – were instructed by DCPS to submit online
  • CHPSPO requested meeting with DCPS (Kaya Henderson) to discuss libraries, and were told because of her busy schedule she could not meet with us. Follow up requests stressing the need for a thoughtful discussion with DCPS on the library issue has gotten no response


  • Money is there (example: prove what’s possible grants), but “cuts” are really about choices

Next Steps:

  • Reach out to Deputy Mayor Wright, since DCPS is not responsive


2. What does vertical and horizontal integration mean to us? (Brainstorm)

  • Much of this was captured in Ward 6 Middle School Plan (math, languages, IB to feed from feeder ES to MS, then from MS to Eastern)
  • In our current feeder pattern, principals don’ t currently have to talk to each other; principals operate their schools as separate “islands”
  • 2-3 languages should be offered at middle schools (and the elementary schools that feed into them should offer at least one of those languages). Currently, misaligned; JO Wilson offers award winning French, but Stuart Hobson (it’s feeder MS) offers Spanish…
  • Math: Algebra for 7th graders; plan to get ES kids up to speed so they are prepared for Algebra. What happened to summer bridge programs for rising 6th graders?
  • Robotics programs across all feeder schools; similar sports/other programs that can be offered across all schools, and coordinated so schools can share resource
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Lucy Kulkins writing workshops
  • Responsive classroom

Next steps:

  • Draft a white paper (Suzanne Wells to kick off) on what we think should be expectation for Eastern feeder pattern and what needs to happen to make these expectations possible; gather community input (via voting/survey); outlines responsibilities (parents, principals, students, DCPS)
  • Follow up w/ DCPS re: Ward 6 MS plan implementation point person (raised again at State of Schools and still no follow up)
  • Follow up on communications among principals that cut through current ‘clusters’ model – need teachers, principals to communicate with each other and align. Currently, many feeder schools do not coincide with clusters, so principals (and staff) have no incentives to talk to each other.


Upcoming Events:

  • August 21, Next CHPSPO Meeting:
  • August 25, School Beautification Day
  • October 3, Walk-to-School Day – NEED COORDINATORS!!! Contact George Blackmon ( if you can coordinate on behalf of your school


Visit CHPSPO on the web at

CHPSPO Meeting Notes – June 19, 2012

Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization

Tyler Elementary School Library

June 19, 2012

6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.



  1. DCPS Library Funding Followup, Peter MacPherson
    • Ludlow-Taylor meeting with DCPS on Wednesday, June 20, 2012.  Request is to move librarians out of flexible categoryto core staff; , check if Mary Levy and DCPS are willing to meet to discuss discrepancies in budget; ask about ‘in-class’ libraries and what that looks like on the ground; Peter MacPherson and Robert Zarr to attend June 20 meeting.
    • Bake Sales: Add petition to sales; July 4 @ Barrack’s Row; July 11 @ Wilson Building (organized by Ludlow Taylor); look for other wards to support other bake sales; Future bake sales: have other wards host, request mtg w/ Kaya Henderson to deliver donations check.
    • Enjoy Reading (, (Ali Hoffman): Stanton Elementary in Ward 8; at schools 2 days/week
    • Children’s Budget report ( Points raised: How are the Mary Levy report and DC budget discrepancies addressed? Request granularity around DCPS budget vis a vis libraries; Why is DC Parks and Rec not represented if they are now running aftercare in many schools? TAKE QUESTIONNAIRE ONLINE:
    • Grade DC ( ( Raise that DCPS should be included in agencies to be graded and raise library issue here, too.


  1. Ward 6 State of the Schools Followup, All
    • What are DCPS’ next steps? Suzanne to draft letter back w/ key points we heard and want follow up (to be sent on behalf of CHPSPO).
      • Vertical and horizontal articulation: convene all principals w/in feeder pattern to discuss what this means
      • At young grades, start thinking of themselves as class of 2023; Introduce feeder-wide activities – Ex: robotics
      • Ward 6 MS Plan Liaison
      • Libraries
      • Ask to publish consolidated list of follow up items that were recorded in the meeting
      • School foods expectations
      • Afterschool programs
      • How can we hear from the kids, who no doubt have opinions re: librarian, food, aftercare? Video recorded interviews of children w/ their feedback on all of the above


  1. 4th of July Parade on Barrack’s Row. July 4 @ 10 AM.
    • Sign up your school at
    • Line up at 8th and I SE at 9:00 AM.
    • CHPSPO to participate. We love school libraries car. CHPSPO; bake sale, generate interest, petition, table… (Sandra has registered CHPSPO)
    • Walk with your school, then walk with CHPSPO!



Next CHPSPO Meeting:   July 17, 2012


Upcoming Events:

  •  July 4th Parade
  • July 11 Bake Sale at Wilson Building to Support Libraries

CHPSPO Meeting Notes – March 20, 2012

Dear Capitol Hill Public School Parent Organization members,


Middle Schools

At our CHPSPO meeting on Tuesday, we had very informative presentations from Principals Tynika Young, Dawn Clemens and Natalie Gordon. After our discussion, we decided to form two “thinking groups” to further explore how we can support our neighborhood middle schools. The two thinking groups are:

1. Outreach – the scope of this thinking group is to look at things like:

a. spreading the word about the good things going on at our neighborhood middle schools;

b. bringing together parents from the different elementary feeder schools, e.g., living room chats, etc.;

c. helping people understand what the IB teaching approach is and the progress Jefferson, Eliot-Hine and Eastern are making in becoming IB certified;

d. creating opportunities for families to visit the neighborhood middle schools, e.g., art festivals, Spring baseball games, etc.

Outreach thinking group members are: Joe Weedon (chair), Andrea Ryan, Isabella Harris, and Barbara Riehle

2. Out-of-school time/Partnerships – the scope of this thinking group is to look at things like:

a. what existing out-of-school time activities do the middle schools currently have such as clubs and sports;

b. what partnerships currently exist at the schools to support out-of-time activities;

c. what are the desires of the principals, teachers and students for after-school activities;

d. identify opportunities for establishing partnerships to support out-of-school activities.

Out-of-school time/Partnerships thinking group members are: Suzanne Wells (chair), Sandra Moscoso-Mills, Principal Dawn Clemens, and Julie Scofield

The thinking groups will report at the April CHPSPO meeting on their progress. If others would like to join the thinking groups, please contact the chairs of the thinking groups (Joe Weedon, for the Outreach thinking group and Suzanne Wells, for the Out-of-school time/Partnerships thinking group).


DCPS Libraries

At our meeting, we also agreed CHPSPO would submit testimony at the March 28 DCPS budget hearing and/or write a letter to Chancellor Henderson regarding the FY13 budget changes that move librarians into a flexible funding category, and that eliminate librarians from schools with enrollments less than 299. A draft of the testimony/letter will be circulated in the next couple of days.


Smithsonian Education Lab

Finally, we had a very informative presentation by Jeff Meade with the Smithsonian Education Lab. There are great opportunities for free teacher training through the Smithsonian Education Lab. If your school is interested in exploring partnering opportunities with the Smithsonian Education Lab, contact Jeff at

Suzanne Wells

CHPSPO Meeting Notes – February 21, 2012

Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization

J.O. Wilson Elementary School

660 K Street, NE -Library, 2nd floor

February 21, 2012  6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

1) Safe Routes to School, Jennifer Heffernan, District DOT

**Congratulations to Brent ES, as Feb 21 was the debut of the Brent Safety Patrols!

First Annual National Bike to School Day is on May 9, Wednesday.

 – Supported by DDoT (giveaways will be available to participating schools)

 – Soon, schools can register to participate via – (the site is currently being redesigned to provide more biking related material)

- Brainstormed around idea of having a pitstop at Lincoln Park, rather than a W2SD type of party. Plan to record the participants and recognize the schools who participate (maybe shout outs to the schools with most participants). Have multiple pit stops, as long as there are volunteers to ‘man’ them.

- ACTION: Sandra M. to reach out to CHPSPO schools to see who is willing to volunteer to organize pit stops and where.

ABCs of Family Bicycling on Sat, April 21st, 11AM-2PM @ Logan parking lot (215 G St., NE) (rain date is following day).

 – Kiddical Mass

 – Families w/ experience biking will give demos, showing gear

 – Bike shops will show gear

 – Bicycle skills rodeo

 – Safety

 – Bicycle train training (teach skills re: riding in group safely), followed by group ride

 – ACTION: Jennifer H. to add to program – how to secure your bikes

- ACTION: CHPSPO will get event into Hill Rag

Bike Racks and Safe Routes to Eliot Hine

 – Q: do all schools on Hill have full complement of bike racks? – ACTION: Jennifer to look into those bike racks installed in last year or so.

 – Q: Could DDOT look into Safe Routes to Eliot-Hine? ACTION: Jennifer to look into this – Suzanne to connect Jennifer w/ Eliot-Hine


 2)  Community Parade, Apollo:

 – Parade likely 11AM-12PM, in April or May

 – To include schools, clubs, teams, music

 – ACTION: CHPSPO to reach out to Capitol Hill Classic and Laps for Lincoln organizers; Apollo to flesh out theme/focus of parade

 3) Mindful Parenting Workshops, Steven Seiden

 - Therapist-led sharing environment w/in parents to feel like we can problem-solve issues and have support and connect

- Eventually, peer-led

- Goal is to make this a DCPS parent-engagement program

- Opening up this opportunity to all Ward 6 schools. On March 9 and March 23 9:30-11 AM (or 1:30-3:00PM); ideally, at each school

 – ACTION: Steve to write up invite to circulate to schools

4) IFF Study Discussion:

- ACTION: ALL -read and encourage individuals to write letters to encourage Chancellor and Deputy Mayor not to look at this study, but rather at the work that is going on in schools and communities.

- ACTION: Suzanne to circulate DeShawn Wright’s response to IFF.

5) Discussion of 2012 CHPSPO Priorities, All

Middle Schools

- Bring Principals (+ LSAT; PTAs) of middle schools together to identify where they think the community can help

- Reference to Heather’s pitch in example: need to know what volunteer needs are at the school

    • Bring PTA leadership together from MS to figure out how to get them more active; bring PTA feeders together w/ MS PTAs
    •  Have a list of ways we think we can help that principals can consider

- Living room chats w/ feeder families

    • Also set expectations

- Leading Tours for Parents

- Have schools hold PTA meetings at EH

- Request from DCPS accountability around MS plan

- Elementary school events at EH (ex: art show of feeder elementary schools at EH)

- Re-engage the collaboration teams

- ACTION: Suzanne to reach out to Principals and PTA presidents to meet w/ CHPSPO/feeders

- Elliot-Hine collaboration team meets first Wednesday of the Month at 5:30 PM @ Parent Resource Center at Eliot Hine

- Eliot Hine PTA = 3rd Thursday of the Month


Next CHPSPO Meeting: March 20, 2012

Upcoming Events:

March 10, Alchemy of Great Taste, Tyler Fundraiser

March 17, School Within School Jazz Gala and Auction

March 24, Maury at the Market, Maury Fundraiser

March 24, A Taste of the Hill, Brent Fundraiser

April 27, A Montessori Night’s Dream, Capitol Hill Montessori @ Logan Fundraiser

Visit CHPSPO on the web at

CHPSPO Meeting Notes – September 20, 2011

1. Walk-to-School Day, October 5, Dave Salovesh (CHCS) and George Blackmon (Maury):

· 7:30 AM at Lincoln Park
· Add to planning – map out routes to schools
· See flyer on, and on FB/Twitter for details

2. Advocating for Bike Lanes, Sandra Moscoso-Mills

· Update letter to DDoT w/ discussion and circulate

3. Ward 6 Middle School Plan:

· Generally, most school collaboration teams have not met over the summer (see short notes below); concern about future of plan given changes in DCPS staffing (Office of Transformation)
· Action: agreement to follow up with Chancellor Henderson on April, 2011 meeting and touch base on overall plan; include Chairman Brown, in light of recent focus on middle schools
· Jefferson:

o Overall, academy is an improvement over what would have happened had MS plan not been implemented.
o However, several components of plan have not yet been implemented (application process for 6th grade academy, technology + other resources are lacking, IB has not yet kicked off)· Capitol Hill Montessori at Logan: o School opened
o Some resource issues (materials for 4 out of 9 classrooms) are in process of being resolved
o Montessori middle school will not be implemented; students will feed to Stuart-Hobson/Eliot-Hine/in-boundary for SY12/13 through SY13/14 and then Eliot-Hine/in-boundary for SY14/15 and beyond.
o CHM@L have not had any schoolwide discussions around middle school since the middle school decision was made

· Eliot Hine:

o IB Coordinator in place
o Principal hired w/out panel/involving community
o Enrollment is up (2 sixth grade teachers/classes to be added)
o Principal and IB Coordinator being trained to on IB principles/how to describe IB
o Back to School Night is Thursday – 6:30 PM at Eliot-Hine – all Hill schools are invited.
o Overall, in good shape. Contingent on community showing up. Bulb planting effort being planned for fall.

· Stuart Hobson

o Implementing measures, such as the 5th grade team meeting, charting system to assess children
o Education Spec for capitol improvement in process; working w/ OPEFM, OCTO (Merging boys/girls gyms; arts/music above gym)
o Arts integration + museum program is set to kick off (funded by the school); grantwriting club; part-time grantwriter
o Largest 6th grade class ever
o Working on enhancing comms to parents/parent engagement for Stuart-Hobson; using ‘STARS’

· Other discussion:

· How can we find out where the kids at SH and EL coming from? o LT, JO Wilson kids

o Other wards
o Center City, 2 Rivers, Latin, Edison· How are schools leveraging STARs? Enable Blackboard Connect; SWW – robocalls + emails

· How can CHPSPO further engage EH and Jefferson?o Invite IB coordinator(s) to meetings?

o Meet at middle schools?-

4. By-laws Vote, Sherry Trafford: please review – will discuss next time

5. Race to Nowhere Screening, Sherry Trafford – look out for November date, Need for volunteers6. Interest in working on after-school care collaborations?, Suzanne Wells – did not discuss

Next CHPSPO Meeting: October 17, 2011

Upcoming Events:

September 27 10 a.m., Public Roundtable Middle Grades Education in the District, Wilson Building

September 29 6 p.m., DC Parent Power, Thurgood Marshall Center

September 30 5 p.m., Capitol Hill Community Foundation Fall Grant Deadline

October 5 7:30 a.m., Lincoln Park, Walk-to-School Day

October 22 Literary Feast, CHCF Fundraiser to Benefit Capitol Hill Schools