Current Initiatives

Green Schools Initiative

The Capitol Hill Green Schools Initiative is dedicated to schoolyard greening, school gardens, environmental stewardship, and conservation at Capitol Hill schools. We are a subcommittee of the Capitol Hill Public School Parents Organization, promoting collaboration and resource sharing across the Hill’s PTAs.

Middle Schools Initiative

During SY 09/10, developed a Capitol Hill Middle Schools proposal and presented it to DCPS. This community driven proposal has served as a foundation for DCPS’ plan for middle schools in Ward 6, which will impact Eliot-Hine, Jefferson, and Stuart-Hobson and will kick off School Year 10/11. The Middle Schools subcommittee will continue to work with DCPS and Ward 6 schools to implement the plan.

Go to the Middle School Initiative page to learn more.

International Baccalaureate Program for DCPS Parents

Collaborate with DCPS to develop a series of tools and resources to educate parents on International Baccalaureate (IB) and how parents can prepare children for IB Middle Years at Jefferson and Eliot-Hine MS and IB at Eastern HS.

2 thoughts on “Current Initiatives

  1. Would you be interested in offering suggestions and/or becoming involved in the “Frager’s Annual Spring Parade” which will be held on Saturday, April 14th? The parade, which is sponsored by Frager’s. is to promote all types of after-school activities which are offered by the Capitol Hill Community. We plan to be led by the Eastern High marching band and then followed by teams of football, basketball, soccer, cheerleaders etc from all the schools on the Hill. The parade will commence on Pennsylvania Ave in front of Frager’s, and proceed up the Avenue towards the Capitol where it will end on the East side center for a group photo op. It will start at 11am and finish at 12pm.
    I would appreciate your comments.
    Capt. Apollo


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